Everyone is atwitter about marketing with social networks. These methods do work, but take a fair amount of time to make pay off. I can help with this as well as many other creative ways of making your business known to potential customers.

Marketing Online


Marketing is like fishing. If your line isn't in the water you wont catch a thing, if you only cast once a month, you wont catch much. To make online marketing work you have to keep at it constantly. There are limitless angles and approaches. The trick is finding one that works for the product or service you are selling and maximizing the return on investment. Spend the time, invest the money in your business and watch it grow beyond your wildest dreams. Scrimp on your marketing budget, be hesitant with ideas and watch it wither. Whatever you do, know that there are millions of people out there who need your help...and we can connect you to them.

Secure Shopping Carts

Shopping carts have come a long way, baby. You can download free ones that handle secure purchases, you can have them custom built to seamlessly integrate into your site or you can just set one up through PayPal. Either way, its not difficult to get your product online and for sale to anyone with a credit card. We can advise on the best way to get started, we can even configure your site with a variety of solutions from the very simple to a site with hundreds of products and product options.


Search Engine Optimization

Being found online is like voodoo. Nobody knows for sure how effective SEO really is, but few are willing to ignore optimization when setting up a site. We have had very good success with setting clients up with SEO packages. These plans get your content noticed by all the major search engines and allow customers to find you with a variety of search criteria. If you have a site and haven't done any SEO work on it, then please let us help you. If you have had your site optimized, remember SEO is something that needs to be done on a regular basis as search engines are looking for fresh content for their users.

E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Nothing keeps you in touch more easily and more effectively than an e-newsletter. They are send directly to those you feel are most likely to respond to your message and are easy to distribute on a regular basis. We give you the control of your contacts, your layout, your content, everything! You can also monitor your message views, repeat views and even set your site up to collect e-mail addresses from visitors to your site. It works great and is the least expensive e-mail marketing package on the market.

Other features include:

• Email sign-up form design and integration
• Database development for contact management, reporting and easy access
• Email campaign design recipient maintenance, tracking
• Email distribution as low as .05¢ per address for up to 5,000 per send.

Electronic Stationery Design

Similar to an e-mail campaign, this is more of a custom solution for smaller quantities of messages. In fact you send an HTML formatted e-mail message directly from your computer through your own e-mail client. We design a template to your liking and assist you in its integration into your client. When you want to send an impressive e-mail message to a potential client, You can do so at a click of a button. Its easy to establish many templates for introductions, invoices, reminders, announcements or whatever is needed at a moment's notice.