We can turn your existing video into a great looking online presentation, integrate it into your web site or make it a part of your next ad campaign.

If you ever wanted to make a commercial for your business, but thought you couldn't afford the expense, well think again, because it has become much more reasonable and the commercial can now be used in more places than just on television.


We do amazing wedding, and vacation videos. Don't let those priceless memories pass without capturing them.

What is Media Development Anyway?

Media development is a constantly changing genre these days, as computers become faster and bandwidth more available, the options for getting your message out there have expanded as well. Now you can have full, rich sound, compelling action and interactivity.

Keep in mind you only have one chance to make a great impression and with video and interactive media you will catch your client's attention on page one and keep it. We offer video creation, editing and production services for:

  • Corporate Media
  • Promotions
  • Events
  • Weddings
  • Video Production & Editing

    Video is one of the most ambiguous technologies around. There are countless formats and within each format are even more variables. It takes years to work through the possibilities and be able to take media from a variety of sources and turn them into a cross platform DVD, an online Flash video or incorporated into an interactive interface.

    We can handle all NTSC formatted media and convert it, enhance it, edit it, compress it, upload it and even host it. So, if you have existing media you want re worked, or want original media created for your next product release, let us know and we can get started turning what you have imagined into reality.

    Media Conversion & Hosting

    If you have a CD or DVD of video clips, perhaps a copy of a television commercial you had previously produced we can work with it. If you even a VHS tape of a spot the news station may have produced on your company, we can convert it to DVD or even convert it so it runs on your website. Our servers handle video content wonderfully. In fact, clients that do not host video on our servers suffer from slow, jerky playback, while those hosting with us find that their video content streams quickly and reliably. Ask a guru to give you an example. You will be impressed.

    Flash Development

    Flash makes for nice animations and cool interactive menus. What it doesn't do well is make an entire website. It can be done, and many do, but Google and other search engines have a hard time indexing the content within the file. The Humble Guru method is to use flash for animations and navigation if needed, but save site formatting to good old HTML. If a client wants a full Flash site, we can do that, but for the sake of being found out there on the internet, our preference is for Flash to be limited to elements within a site, not an entire site itself.


    Corporate Media Creation

    I cannot count how many times I have walked into a clients beautiful, modern office, to sit down in their glass and marble conference room only to see a dark flat panel display hung on the wall doing nothing. Use that expensive investment to show off your accomplishments as a company. We can film, edit and develop the motion graphics to make that display earn it's keep all day long. The presentation can be used for trade shows, posted on your web site, sent out to potential clients on DVD's or even converted to screen savers for your employee's computers.


    DVD Menu & Interface Design

    Product DVD's and Kiosks both share a common aspect. They both use an interface to navigate the contents behind the first screen. We can develop an interactive menu for your product DVD that lets clients navigate the content without having to watch all the content or use Windows Explorer to click on each file on the DVD. This same concept is what you find when you first place a movie DVD into the player. You are given options for chapter selection, extras, etc.